How it works

The Hofvijver Passe-Partout is the ideal way of exploring the area around the Hofvijver, the pond at the heart of The Hague's historic centre. This special pass not only offers a substantial discount on admission to five museums in The Hague, it also entitles holders to some great offers from hospitality and catering establishments in the area. During the walk around the Netherlands' most famous pond, we will explain about the history of the area and the views and buildings that you encounter.

Visit the museums around the Hofvijver
The Hofvijver Passe-Partout entitles you to admission to the Historical Museum of the Hague (Haags Historisch Museum), the Prison Gate Museum (Museum de Gevangenpoort), Museum Bredius and the Prince Willem V Gallery (Galerij Prins Willem V). You can find more information about the museums here.

Together with the Passe-Partout, you will receive a discount sheet detailing four attractive offers for coffee and cake, lunch, drinks and dinner. These offers change regularly. Click here to see the latest offers.